Caroline Eaton BSc, MSc, RS Hom, HbT


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Based near Llangollen, North Wales. 

ONLINE CONSULTATIONS available throughout the UK via Skype, Zoom etc.

*All appointments are currently being conducted online - from the comfort of a quiet space in your own home. Remedies are posted to your door.*


Homeopathy offers alternatives to those who prefer some degree of independence from medical drugs; as well as those with conditions conventional medicine is unable to resolve. It works at the deeper, root cause level, stimulating healing in its most profound sense - from the inside, out. 


Fundamentally, homeopathy empowers individuals to take control of their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Treatments are chosen that complement you as a whole individual, rather than just your medical condition; gently helping to resolve the sum of your unique issues.

Recent world events have generated additional challenges for all of us; massively  impacting on our collective and individual welfare. Homeopathy has so much to offer all those who are feeling the strain; it's also one of the few therapies that works well online. 


Why homeopathy ?


I was very sceptical at first. I had really bad leg pain after breaking my ankle...within one week of treatment the pain disappeared and has never returned.

I am now a convert to homeopathy and see Caroline regularly.


What can homeopathy help with?

Most illness can respond well if - and this is the key to homeopathy  - the correct homeopathic remedy can be found to match a patient's individual case.  There are in excess of eight and a half thousand different homeopathic remedies, with that number growing all the time - so a skilled homeopath is needed to identify a perfect match. 


Conditions homeopaths see often, include: hay fever, asthma, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, post-viral fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, grief, depression, hormonal issues, skin complaints, arthritis, chronic pain, addiction and sleep disorders.

Homeopathy is also excellent for aiding recovery from injuries, infections, illnesses and emotional upsets; as well as for postoperative recovery. 


Homeobotanical Therapy

Homeobotanicals are high quality organic herbal blends imported from New Zealand. There is nothing else like them available in the UK.  I prescribe them alongside my patient's homeopathic remedies because they compliment deeper homeopathic treatment beautifully. They can also be used as a therapy in their own right, as a gentle way to dip your toe in the water in preparation for homeopathy or for maintenance of optimal health during periods when homeopathy isn't needed.


They can aid  detoxification, boost useful vitamins & minerals and begin to stimulate healing of target organs. Blends can also be designed to reduce stress, increase energy, boost immunity, improve sleep, aid recovery from first aid situations/ illnesses and a whole lot more!

Natural Herbs


Although I'd used homeopathy since my twenties; it was the prescription of a single white pill that rescued me from a traumatic experience in my early forties, that inspired me to actually go on to train as a homeopath. That, and subsequently realising, as I continued receiving longer term treatment, that I was transforming into a better version of me - and that my whole life was gradually improving as a result . That's the real beauty of homeopathy; it not only stimulates physical, mental and emotional healing, but can help free your potential. 


I have a formal background in the biological sciences; having worked for organisations like the Forensic Science Service and as a biology teacher and tutor. I love combining my understanding of the human body with the natural healing art of homeopathy.  My four year's training to become a homeopath were a revelation and it's the only study I have ever undertaken where I truly became more enthusiastic about the subject as time went on.

In my spare time I can be found pottering in my veggie garden, walking in the beautiful Welsh mountains and gradually renovating my home on the chilly side of a Welsh hill!

I am delighted with the results I had from my homeopathy treatments.

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I offer a free half hour phone call, where you can discover more about what to expect from homeopathy with me.

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