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Caroline Eaton BSc, MSc, RS Hom, HbT


Turn Your Health Around

Homeopathy is a natural, effective treatment for both physical and mental-emotional health issues; from recent accidents and infections to longstanding, chronic conditions and trauma. It's trusted by over 6 million people in the UK, and over 450 million people worldwide. If you're new to homeopathy, you can read more about what it is here

As a biologist and a homeopath, I explore your symptoms from both a scientific and holistic perspective. 

I help people with a wide variety of conditions - because ultimately in homeopathy we treat individuals rather than diseases. I also have a special interest in diabetes - which you can read more about here.

I'm told that I provide a calm, warm, reassuring space to be listened to unconditionally. 

Take the first step towards turning your health around; book a free introductory chat and we'll discuss how homeopathy can support you in your journey to better health.

Online Consultations


Caroline is a registered homeopath based near Llangollen, North Wales, but offers online consultations throughout the UK and Internationally via Zoom.

Because homeopathy appointments are essentially a deep information gathering process; they can easily be conducted online. 


All you need is a quiet space and a reliable internet connection. In many ways, it can be a more comfortable and convenient experience chatting from home. 

Remedies are posted to you.*

Your homeopathy prescription, an organic herbal blend and postage are all included with your consultation.*

*International clients are sent a prescription and details of how to order remedies from a local pharmacy. 

"Caroline has a quiet encouraging manner and is easy to talk to. It feels very comforting to have her available on the journey through the medication.


The process of discussion and medication has felt very holistic to me, not only healing the back problem which in itself has been life changing, but also addressing other issues within my life and other less pressing physical ailments.

I would definitely recommend Homeopathy and in particular Caroline's Practice."

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"From the first session I had with Caroline I felt comfortable and at ease talking to her.


At the time I was taking several prescription medications for my conditions which included arthritis and menopausal problems.


Since then I have been able to stop the prescription medication for all but one of my conditions (which we are currently working on) and I am virtually free of all of my pain and symptoms that my condition caused.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone and will be trusting my health to her in the future."

"I was very sceptical at first. I had really bad leg pain after breaking my ankle.


Thanks to Caroline, within one week of treatment the pain disappeared and has never returned.


I am now a convert to homeopathy and see Caroline regularly."