Caroline Eaton BSc, MSc, PGCE, RS Hom


Based near Llangollen, North Wales.

Appointments also available throughout the UK via Skype. 

*All appointments are currently being conducted online*

Homeopathy offers alternatives to individuals who prefer some degree of independence from medical drugs; as well as those that conventional medicine is unable to help. I especially love treating people who are committed to taking  long-term control of their own physical, mental and emotional health.


I specialise in working with chronic pain, abuse, trauma and anxiety - although homeopathy can help anyone improve their well being. Treatments are chosen that complement you as a whole individual, rather than just your medical condition; gently helping to resolve the sum of your unique issues. 

Current world events are generating additional challenges for all of us; massively  impacting on our collective and individual welfare. I believe that homeopathy has much to offer those who are struggling to cope. It's also one of the few therapies that works well online. 

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Caroline Eaton

I first tried homeopathy for some relatively minor physical ailments. However, what really impressed me about it (and inspired me to go on to train as a homeopath) was the prescription of a single white pill that helped me through a traumatic experience during that same period of my life. 


As I continued receiving treatment, I  realised that I was gradually transforming into more of the real me. That is the beauty of homeopathy; it not only stimulates the body to heal physically, but can help - if you chose to stick with it - improve your whole life, freeing your potential. 


I have a background in the Biological Sciences; having worked for organisations like the Forensic Science Service and as a Biology teacher and tutor. I'm grateful that learning homeopathy has allowed me to make use of my scientific understanding of the human body and combine it with a natural healing art.  I loved my four year training to become a homeopath; it's the only study I have ever undertaken where I truly became more enthusiastic about the subject as time went on.

In my spare time I enjoy growing my own veggies, walking in the beautiful Welsh mountains and the odd spot of rock climbing here and there. 

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Free Introductory Call

I offer a15 minute introductory phone call where I explain a little bit about my practice and you have the chance to ask any questions before booking. 

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