Musculo-skeletal Issues

Maybe it’s living in a cool, damp climate like North Wales, where aches and pains are exacerbated – I don’t know. But my practice has always been full of clients with musculo-skeletal issues. So, this naturally became an area of particular interest for me.

Leg Stretch

It’s really a rare person that doesn’t suffer with some kind of structural problem. Almost everyone is out of alignment to some degree. Physical and emotional traumas are registered in the system and other areas must then realign to compensate for the damage in the affected parts. Over time, misalignments lead to familiar painful musculoskeletal problems.

Whilst physical therapies often provide respite from such issues, if the memory of the trauma (physical or mental) is held energetically in the system, a therapy that works on the energetic level – as homeopathy does – may be needed to provide a more permanent resolution.

Practicing Yoga

It constantly amazes me, as clients go deeper into their story, how often deep-seated emotional issues can underpin what would seem to be - on the surface - very physical, structural musculoskeletal problems – even those stemming from injuries.

Conditions I see often, include back pain, sciatica, arthritis, gout, hyper-mobility, carpel-tunnel syndrome, bursitis, slipped disks and tennis elbow. Homeopathy is also fantastic for recovery from recent injuries and for supporting post-operative healing.

Practicing Yoga