I live near Llangollen, North Wales and love getting out into nature here. Snowdonia is my happy place. 

During spare moments, I can be found pottering in my veggie garden, cooking, and preserving my squirrel stores. 

I don't watch TV; I'm naturally drawn to peace and quiet, reading by the fire, meditation and prayer.

I'm also gradually renovating my home on the chilly side of a Welsh hill.


My Story

Although I've used homeopathy since my twenties; it was the prescription of a single white pill that rescued me from a traumatic experience in my early forties, that eventually inspired me to go on and train as a homeopath. That -- and realising, as I continued receiving longer term treatment, that I was transforming into a better version of me - and that my whole life was gradually improving as a result.


That's the beauty of homeopathy; it not only stimulates physical, mental-emotional and spiritual healing, but also helps free your greater potential. 

I have a formal background in the biological sciences; having worked for organisations like the Forensic Science Service and as a biology teacher and tutor. I love combining my understanding of the human body with the natural healing art of homeopathy. 


My four year's training to become a homeopath were a revelation and it's the only study I've ever undertaken where I truly became more enthusiastic about the subject as time went on.


The things I enjoy most about being a homeopath are hearing people's individual stories - and then spending hours pouring over their case, like some kind of detective, trying to work out the best remedy match for them!


I'm here for you at: