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Consultation Fees & Booking

Introductory Call  -  Free (up to 30 min)

Initial Consultation  -  £90 (90 min)

Follow Up Consultations -  £60 (60 min)

Homeobotanicals*  - £20 per bottle

Postage & Packaging - £5

Also available:

Homeobotanicals Consultation**  -  £30  (30 min)


Acute Consultation ***  -  £30 (30 min)

Fees include your homeopathy remedies.

About Homeobotanicals
*Homeobotanicals are high quality organic herbal blends imported from New Zealand. There is nothing else like them available in the UK.  They can aid  detoxification, boost useful vitamins & minerals and begin to stimulate healing of target organs. They can also be used to reduce stress, increase energy, boost immunity, improve sleep, aid recovery from first aid situations/ illnesses and a whole lot more! I prescribe them alongside homeopathic remedies as they compliment deeper homeopathic treatment beutifully. They can also be used as a therapy in their own right, as well as for maintainanance of optimal health during periods when you don't need deeper homeopathic treatment. 

About homeobotanical Consultations
**These are 30 minute consultations from which you will be prescribed  one or more homeobotanical blends for your symptoms. These sessions can be a gentle way to dip your toe in the water and begin your journey back to health - they can also help to  prepare for later homeopathy treatment.

About Acute Consultations
*** These are short sessions for treatment of recent injuries/ infections/ illnesses/ emotional upsets or to help recovery from recent operations - rather than longstanding or recurrent problems. Please email me/ book a brief introductory call (above) if you are not sure if your issue is acute.