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Free Introductory Chat - this for anyone who has questions before they book. Its a free 15 minute chat with me - where as well as asking any questions you have, you can also learn more about how I work and what to expect from homeopathy.

Initial Consultation - book this option for your first homeopathy consultation. This will be an in depth video session on Zoom that will last an hour.  We will thoroughly explore all of your symptoms as well as everything else that makes you who you are as an individual - in order to begin matching you to the right homeopathic remedy.


Follow Up Consultation - book this option for all appointments after your first consultation.  Follow ups last 30 minutes.  

Acute Consultation - these sessions are geared towards the treatment of recent accidents/ infections/ illnesses/ emotional upsets or to help recovery from recent (minor) operations - rather than longstanding or recurrent problems. Sessions are 15 minutes. If you are not sure if your condition is acute, this blog may help. 

Keyboard and Mouse

*For UK residents, your remedies are included in your fee. 

*International clients will be emailed a prescription and details of pharmacies from which it can be ordered.