I help people with all types of diabetes, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome to gradually take back control of their health. Homeopathy works beautifully as part of an integrated approach; alongside any necessary improvements in diet and exercise - and  regular blood glucose check ups with your doctor (to monitor and respond to changes as medication needs may decline). 

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I chose this specialism because I see the huge need in this ‘silent epidemic’ - and how it’s barely being catered for by homeopathy in the West currently.

Diabetes has a massive impact on human suffering in terms of both the numbers of people with diabetes (studies in the U.S. for example estimate that more than half of the adult population are now either diabetic or prediabetic – many going undiagnosed) and the extent of the suffering within each individual (there really isn’t a system of the body that can’t be impacted by diabetes).

I believe that an approach that integrates more up to date diet and lifestyle research, combined with individualised homeopathic care, is a formula that can help raise those who find themselves trapped in the current diabetic paradigm, to a vastly improved level of health.

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Homeopathy can help:

  • Regulate  blood sugar levels

  • Support the pancreas

  • Reduce complications

  • Support weight loss

  • Boost the immune system

  • And most importantly of all: address your underlying susceptibility to diabetes

In your initial consultation I build up a picture of your current symptoms, your medical records, your health history, the timeline of your life and all about who you are as a person. This means that I need to gather a lot of information from you at the first appointment. 

We then create an individualised treatment plan together, that works for your particular circumstances.

I use a combination of very traditional Hahnemannian (Hahnemann was the founder of homeopathy) prescribing methods and more modern approaches to questioning, to help me to get to the root of your issues.

Returning to a higher level of health takes time, so I recommend a series of consultations every 4-6 weeks, with a commitment to completing at least 3 initially – just to begin to see results and build trust in the process.

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