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Homeobotanical Therapy

Homeobotanicals are high quality organic herbal blends imported from New Zealand, there's nothing else like them available in the UK. I generally prescribe these alongside your main homeopathic remedies (a bottle is included in the price of your consultation, for those in the UK). 


The herbs have been partially energised using some of the principles of homeopathy, making them beautifully complimentary to homeopathic treatment. Homeobotanicals offer more immediate physical and nutritional support whilst deeper homeopathic healing takes place.


They can aid  detoxification, boost useful vitamins & minerals and begin to stimulate healing of target organs. Blends can also be designed to reduce stress, increase energy, boost immunity, improve sleep, aid recovery from first aid situations/ illnesses and a whole lot more!


Maintaining Health Outside of Homeopathy Treatment

People also use the blends for continued maintenance of optimal health after having signed themselves off from needing homeopathic treatment for the time being. They can be purchased by existing clients for £20 per bottle.


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