Catch it Early! .....How to Stave off the Flu.

Updated: Feb 15

Did you know that its possible to stop flu in its tracks if you can catch it in the first day or so?

You have to be on the ball for this - but if you can get the right remedy during that initial stage when you are just starting out with a fever and a bit of a cough, then it's possible to abort the whole episode.

Here are the 4 most common remedies for this:


Often called for in those who are strong and healthy, Aconite is indicated where:

  • Symptoms come on suddenly, often after being out in the cold - e.g. symptoms can develop in the evening, just hours after going out in the afternoon.

  • Think high fever, with a bounding pulse, flushed face and hot, dry skin.

  • Think intense thirst for cold water.

  • The throat becomes dry, causing a constant, dry cough.

  • As the infection deepens, there can be a stabbing, left sided chest pain.

  • Mentally/emotionally there is great restlessness and anxiety. There is fear of death and fear of being alone.

  • Generally has to be caught in the first 24 hours to work.


Ferrum phos symptoms also come on rapidly, but take a little longer to develop than Aconite - if you are out in the afternoon for example, symptoms might begin the next morning.

  • Think high fever, with a bounding pulse, flushed cheeks or variable flushing - bright red flushing after coughing and talking, turning pale when at rest.

  • Think intense thirst for cold water.

  • Think tired, restless, sensitive to noise - want to be quiet and left alone.

  • Think irritation behind the breastbone, causing an incessant cough.

  • This remedy suits people who have a history of nose bleeds during violent coughing bouts.


Belladonna comes on just about as suddenly as Aconite - with symptoms often developing mere hours after exposure.

  • Think fever with a violent temperature - running at 105 (40.5 °C).

  • Bright red face, often a pinkness to the entire body, skin surface burning hot to touch.

  • Think intense, congestive, throbbing headache

  • Think dry, painful, tearing cough

  • Think dilated pupils and photophobia.

  • Mentally/ emotionally there is great excitability - especially as the temperature rises.

  • Think restless, crying out and difficult to control. They can become delirious, imagining scary things in the room, wanting to fight against them.

  • First stage Belladonna generally needs to be caught within 36 hours to work.


This remedy is particularly suitable for children, but can work for adults too. It is generally slower onset than the other 3 remedies :

  • Usually, the state is preceded by a day where they are off their food, with possible nausea and vomiting.

  • The fever isn't quite as violent as for the other remedies - a hot, sweaty face and dusky flush, running a temperature around 103 (39°C).

  • Think lots of rattling mucus in the chest, suffocative coughing bouts that often end in retching on stringy sputum.

  • After coughing attacks, they feel rotten and sick. They are miserable and don't want to be fussed. Children may ask for things and then refuse them.

  • Think irritation in the nose causing violent sneezing attacks.

Giving the right remedy in the right potency early on in flu is said to be able to abort the illness in 12 to 24 hours. However, once you've moved past the first stage and the illness is deeper into the respiratory system you have to move on to considering other remedies.

At the later stages, a good homeopathic remedy can reduce the intensity of symptoms and the length of illness, but the disease will still have to progress through its natural cycle - which means you could get worse before you get better. Prescribing at this point becomes more nuanced, and you really have to know what you're doing to optimise the homeopathic process.


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