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Updated: Feb 15

When you go to book an appointment with a homeopath, you will be offered a choice of chronic (full) and acute (quick) consultations - but what's the difference?

Acute Conditions

So, what are termed ‘acutes’ are recent, generally less serious conditions that would normally, given time, clear up of their own accord. They include injuries from recent accidents, infections, illnesses, emotional upsets and recovery from recent operations. Examples of acute conditions include:

  • Coughs, colds, flu

  • Cuts, grazes and bumps

  • Bites and stings

  • Sprains, strains and broken bones

  • Travel sickness, food poisoning and stomach bugs

  • Childhood illnesses such as chicken pox or measles

  • Burns, scalds and blisters

  • Teething and colic

  • Labour pains and recovery from labour

  • Headaches and earaches

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Cystitis

  • Mastitis

  • Recovery from surgery

  • Emotional upsets such as anxiety about an examination or grief due to the loss of a pet

In acute situations, well chosen homeopathic remedies can lessen the severity of symptoms and help speed up recovery time. This kind of homeopathy can be amazing to experience– everything is so current that reactions to remedies can unfold right before your eyes! Give Arnica for a bump on the head for example, and you can sometimes almost watch the lump shrink down.

Clearly some acute conditions are more serious than others, and the most serious will need hospital treatment. But for non-emergencies (and on the way to the emergency room) homeopathy can either be used in the home or by booking an acute consult with your homeopath.

Home Treatment

With just a little bit of simple knowledge of the laws of homeopathy, anyone can learn to use homeopathy for themselves and their family in simple, acute situations. A great book I recommend if you're interested in learning the basics of home prescribing is Miranda Castro’s Complete Homeopathy Book.

It can be so empowering to have natural, gentle and effective alternatives to hand for use in the home. Starter kits of remedies can be bought so that you have the most commonly needed ones to hand, such as Helios' 18-remedy starter kit.

I'm planning to write a lot more articles about home prescribing in the near future, but for starters - if you want to check out two of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for acute situations, have a read of my Every ambulance should carry arnica blog.

Acute Consultations

For more complex/serious acute situations, or just those where you don't feel confident prescribing for yourself, homeopaths are available for acute consultations. These can be booked in between your full length (chronic) consultations, where an acute situation suddenly arises for you or your family.

Because we are only treating the symptoms right now in an acute situation, there is no need to take down the details of your full life history etc. We only need to explore your symptoms as a snap shot of what's changed from your normal state. This means acute consults are much shorter and the fee is lower than for chronic treatment.

If you have an acute situation, you can book yourself in for an acute consult via my booking system. You don't have to be receiving chronic treatment from me at the time to be eligible for this service. I don't usually take bookings less than 2 day's in advance, however, if you have a more urgent need - you can email and I'll try to fit you in before then if possible.

Homeopathy 24/7

I'm now working as part of an international team that provide an around-the-clock acute consultation service, called Homeopathy 247. We provide homeopathy all over the world at any time, day or night for urgent situations when your normal homeopath is not available.

Such an amazing service!

Should you ever need urgent help when I'm not available, you can access the homeopath on duty here for £35/ $45.

Chronic Conditions

Longer term, deeper-seated conditions are called ‘chronic’ - they usually develop slowly over a longer time scale. Any issues that have been ongoing for more than a few months are usually thought of as chronic in homeopathy - as this show's the body has been unable to throw off the problem by itself. The progression of chronic conditions is often unpredictable, whereas acutes have a clear start, middle and end.

In addition, issues that would be considered acute if they happened only rarely, become chronic if they begin happening on a regular basis. If a person is suffering from headaches twice monthly for a year for example, this points to a deeper underlying cause (chronic) than if someone gets a headache once from being out in the glaring sun all day (acute).

Chronic conditions are more complex, and are not generally something you can treat yourself at home with homeopathic remedies. They have a deeper root that needs a homeopath to be able to unlock. Even homeopaths will see other homeopaths for their chronic issues.

Some of the types of chronic conditions homeopaths see often, include:

  • Chronic pain, arthritis and injuries that have been too slow to heal

  • Long term issues with anxiety, grief, PTSD and depression

  • Long tail recovery from infections

  • Post-viral fatigue, chronic fatigue

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Hay fever, asthma and eczema

  • Digestive disorders

  • Addictions

  • Sleep disorders

  • Recurrent infections, headaches, migraines, cystitis, ear aches etc

Chronic Consultations

Your first chronic consult will be a longer session, usually around an hour or more, that goes deep into the heart of your issues. This gives time for your homeopath to take a meticulous case - finding out all about you - not just the symptoms of your main condition, but all your ailments and your family history of disease. And then your practioner will delve deeper into everything that makes you unique as a person - all about your life experiences and what you love/ fear, your hobbies, your dreams, your relationships – everything that makes you - well, you!

From this you will be matched to a remedy that resonates with you as a whole person – rather than just a small selection of your current symptoms (as in acute prescribing). Acute prescribing can help in the short term - to provide relief for your symptoms in that moment - but it doesn't unlock the root of deeper healing in the way that chronic prescribing can.

Chronic treatment has the potential to unlock old, deep underlying causes at the root of your issues and enable your body to rebalance from the inside out. It’s the beginning of a journey back to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing that you can take as far as you’re willing to go. Follow-up sessions will track changes in your condition and allow your homeopath to carefully match your changing state to the right remedy, at the right potency (strength) and dose for you at each stage of your journey back to health.


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