Every Ambulance Should Carry Arnica! - Homeopathy for Shock

Updated: Feb 15

What is Shock?

Medically, a state of ‘shock’ refers to a life-threatening condition of low blood pressure that needs emergency attention. It can occur because of fluid loss from an injury, infection, severe allergic reaction or other causes. However, that’s not what we are referring to here.

In homeopathy, we generally use the term ‘shock’ in the vernacular - to refer to common physical and emotional shock responses in the immediate aftermath of traumatic situations such as accidents, injuries and bereavements.

What are the Symptoms?

The fight, flight or freeze response is a primal human survival mechanism for dealing with threatening situations. Common symptoms can include:

· Feeling jittery

· Feeling like you might vomit or have diarrhoea

· Feeling spaced out – like you are not properly in your body

· A tight chest

· Hyperventilation, which can result in inability to think straight

· Feeling disconnected from the situation – like you are watching a film of yourself

Homeopathy for Acute Shock

Homeopathy can work wonders in acute shock situations – quickly helping to bring a person back round to their normal selves. By far the most common remedies used in homeopathy for shock situations are arnica and aconite; 2 remedies that would be helpful for anyone to have at hand for emergencies. Its easy to distinguish between the situations when each is needed:

Arnica Shock


Think of arnica for people who have been physically bruised and bashed about as well as suffering from emotional shock. Situations like falls, broken legs and concussion. Because of the bruising, they tend not to want to be touched (too painful) and will prefer to be left alone. They may be stuck in a denial state - insisting that they are fine.

As well as dealing with the emotional shock, arnica helps to deal with bruising and bring down inflammation.

The lovely Misha Norland, founder of the School of Homeopathy in Stroud, says that it’s a sin that ambulance’s don’t carry arnica and that it’s the travellers best friend!

*When Misha talks about the remedy in 'potency' - he means as homeopathic pills. As opposed to arnica cream.

Aconite Shock


Think of aconite for people who are stuck in the fright state – with that wide eyed, ‘shell shocked’ appearance - believing this could be the end of them. They feel numb, but can then experience tingling sensations as feeling comes back into their bodies. This might be someone who has had a near death experience – a close call in an accident or a natural disaster for example. Misha Norland says that many people were in an aconite state following 9/11.

A Useful Tip: You May Need it Too!

People giving homeopathy to others for shock often get caught up in the emotions of the situation themselves and may well need a dose of the same remedy too.


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