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Over time I've collected a list of products I've grown to trust to recommend for particular conditions, alongside homeopathy. I've listed many of them below, with links, to make it easier for you to find them.

One company that I'm particularly fond of are Neil's Yard health and beauty products. Because I recommend them so frequently, I've become a consultant for them; you can find my shop on the drop down menu.


Full disclosure; I get a tiny kick back from any Neil's Yard sales, which I use to buy some products from them myself. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you prefer to buy elsewhere though!


Neil's Yard

Neil's Yard are a family run, British company offering natural, organic health and beauty products - Soil Association approved - with no pesticides, GM ingredients, chemicals, parabens or anything synthetic. One of the co-owners is a homeopath and maybe that's why I find their products complement homeopathy so well. They have ongoing projects to support the bees, their products are cruelty free, vegetarian approved and all their packaging is sustainable.


Some of the things I recommend most frequently include:


Hair & Nails

  • For issues with hair loss or brittle nails - the frankincense intense beauty boost supplement is really good, as an ongoing supplement every 2-3 months for specific issues or as a general beauty boost a couple of times a year for those of us who are a little older. 




Other Products

Herbal Medicine