Why homeopathy ?

Homeopathy offers alternatives to those who prefer some degree of independence from medical drugs; as well as those with conditions conventional medicine is unable to resolve. It works at a deeper, root cause level, stimulating healing in its most profound sense - from the inside, out. 

Fundamentally, homeopathy empowers individuals to take control of their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Treatments are chosen that complement you as a whole individual, rather than just your medical condition; gently helping to resolve the sum of your unique issues.


What can homeopathy help with?

​Most illness can respond well if - and this is the key to homeopathy  - the correct homeopathic remedy can be found to match your individual case.  There are in excess of eight and a half thousand different homeopathic remedies, with that number growing all the time - so a skilled homeopath is needed to identify a perfect match. 


Conditions homeopaths see often, include: hay fever, asthma, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, post-viral fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, grief, depression, hormonal issues, skin complaints, arthritis, chronic pain, addiction and sleep disorders.

Homeopathy is also excellent for aiding recovery from injuries, infections, emotional shock and grief; as well as for postoperative recovery. 


The journey

Homeopathy is not, generally speaking, a quick fix for chronic (long standing) conditions; although it can be almost miraculous for acute (recent) issues.

With longer term treatment, we gradually peel back the layers of illness to establish a higher level of health – bolstering you against future issues and helping to free more of your individual potential. 

Enjoying the View